There are many working parents worldwide who look for a private childcarer instead of giving their own child into daycare centers. Many of them choose an Au pair as a much more flexible and affordable childcare provider, who takes care of the children, supports you with the light household work and even gives the family insight into a new culture.  If you belong to one of these families, our tips will guide you to quickly find the right Au pair at Aupairnet24:

  1. Register and complete your profile information!  At Aupairnet24 you have the opportunity to create your own family profile as well as a personal Au pair advert for free and receive applications from interested Au pairs.  You will get even more Au pair applications if you write more detailed information about your family as well as your expectations about the future Au pair. Click here to publish your profile for free now!
  2. Upload your photos! We all like photos and Au pairs are not an exception! A couple of photos of you and your family will make your profile personal and attractive for Au pairs so they will be more likely to apply for your advert. 
  3. Check out the profiles of Au pairs for your country and contact your favorites! They say:  “Nothing seek, nothing find!” That is true. If your Au pair still has not found you, find an Au pair yourself! Just enter your country in the quick search and look through the Au pair profiles available. Have you found an interesting Au pair profile, contact Au pairs right away and they will answer you!

We wish you great success in finding your Au pair!

They have found their Au pair:

host family au pair“The good thing about Aupairnet24 is thatyou can not only publish an advertbut also contact Au pairs by yourself.  We have contacted Lisa and now she isour Au pair and helping us through our daily routine!”  Wilke´s Family from Berlin

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Many families want to have someone who is more helpful and flexible than a babysitter. An Au Pair could be the right choice. There are many Au Pairs from all over the world who are willing to come to your country.

An Au Pair does not only take care of your kids, but also helps you with a light housework and introduce you to a foreign culture.
So An Au Pair can support you very well with your everyday duties.

For an Au Pair it is also valuable to come to your country to gain some new life experience, to learn your language. Moreover, Au Pairs learn a lot of about a culture of your country and gain a lot of new friends.

If an Au Pair stays with a host family for a long time, Au Pair becomes often a part of the family and children trust and love Au Pair and handle Au pair as an older sister of brother.

Would you like to find your Au Pair? Just register at and find a loving Au Pair!

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