Would you like to learn English? The best way to do it is to become an Au Pair in an English-speaking country, like Au Pair in Australia, Au Pair in the UK or Au Pair in Ireland. In order to get an Au Pair visa for one of these countries, you should already have basic knowledge of English language. So start learning English as soon as possible. Even if you have a tight schedule and budget, there are plenty opportunities to improve your English skills, for example online English courses of Gymglish. That is how it works: Every morning you will become an e-mail in English with a personalized assortment of English lessons, activities, and audio recordings. Each lesson will take only around 10 minutes to complete and is filled with interesting stories, questions, revisions and explanations on why you got each question right or wrong. The next English lessons will be customized according to your previous answers, your expectations and your needs. Learning English online will help you to be perfectly prepared for your Au Pair stay! You can try it for free now!

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Au Pair quiz

Find your suitable Au Pair Country: take our Au Pair quiz!

By being an Au Pair, you can acquire an international experience abroad which offers you a wide range of advantages: you will improve a new language, you will get to know a new culture and discover new places, you will have fun by meeting new people! But the big question is: which is your ideal au pair country?

You would like to become an Au Pair, but you do not know yet where to gather your Au Pair experience? The first step that you should consider when preparing your Au Pair stay is deciding to which country you want to go. Choosing an Au Pair country is not always easy and lots of details should be considered: city, language requirements, au pair requirements according to official regulations, visa permits, pocket money, the country au pair program and some other details.

As you can see, there are so many things to consider before you can find the right country for you! That is why Aupairnet24 wants to help you when choosing the perfect country for your Au Pair adventure. Now, you can find the answer to all questions regards your ideal au pair destination. Take our Au Pair quiz and find out what country best suits for your Au Pair experience!

By answering some simple questions, you will find out where you can go as an Au Pair. It will take you no more than 3 minutes and once finished, you’ll find out your ideal Au Pair country. Aupairnet24 also provides you with some information about the country and the specific au pair program once you finish the au pair test.

It’s as easy as that, take our Au Pair quiz now and become an Au Pair with Aupairnet24!

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Aupairnet24 XMAS Sale 2014

The festive season is a time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. We at Aupairnet24 wish you a Merry Christmas filled with special memories to last the years ahead! Our Christmas greetings also come with a gift: 50% off when buying a premium membership package when using one of the codes*, so that you can truly enjoy Christmas.


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We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Your Aupairnet24.com-Team

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