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Even before Christmas, we would like to surprise you with a special gift. Why? Because now is the best time to treat yourself! Is today your lucky day? Discover your discount now: choose our 1-month package for host families and see how much you can save using the code* NOV1411. Good luck!

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 Ready for the adventure? Explore the world!

Hi! Exploring different cultures, learning a foreign language and making friends all over the world – doesn’t that just sound exciting? Such an experience comes once in a lifetime and you can share in it: As an au pair the world is open to you without you having to blow all your money. Are you in? Choose your favourite destination now and contact host families in the country of your dreams:



Spend Christmas at the beach and explore the outback with your host family:

Get in touch with families now >>



Discover thriving cities and visit the legendary Oktoberfest:

Contact host families in Germany >>


United Kingdom

Get a taste of fish & chips in London or visit Britain’s finest heritage buildings that inspired so many great authors:

Become an au pair in the United Kingdom >>


You prefer a different country? With so many great places in the world to choose from, decisions can be challenging. Where you would like to go? Browse through our pages and find your perfect host family. Good luck!
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Make the most of your time >>

Are you working long hours just to meet the demands of your job? Is that trip to the gym long overdue? Do you rarely find time to meet with your friends?
As a parent, it’s often difficult to find the right balance between doing what’s good for you and what’s good for your little ones. So receiving the support of an Au Pair may afford you the opportunity to fulfill your own personal needs as well as those of your loved ones.

Avail of a 50% reduction on our Premium Membership plan today when you register as a host family and find the right Au Pair to support you in managing those day-to-day tasks, freeing up more time for “me”.

SAVE 50% NOW >>

1-month package: TIME01 | 3-months package: TIME03 | 6-months package: TIME06

*Your discount code is valid until 30.09.2014, redeemable only once and cannot be combined with other promotions.

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 Ready for the coming season? Start your adventure here >


The summer is almost over, but the next one will be here before you know it.
Wouldn’t you like to be right in the middle of your personal Au Pair adventure by that time? Now is the time when host families are looking for YOU. Apply now to secure your job as an Au Pair in your dreamcountry!

Au Pair in Europe? Journey to Asia? Australian Adventure?

Our Tip: Be one step ahead of other Au Pairs and startcontacting host families today. The sooner you start planning your adventure, the more chances you have to secure your perfect Au Pair job.

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Big Summer Sale

The Aupairnet24 BIG SUMMER SALE is now on!

Don´t miss this great opportunity to save up to 50% on our Premium Services for host families – 2 DAYS ONLY!

Redeem your discount code now and find your ideal au pair at Aupairnet24!

/> 50% discount for 1 month package: SUMMER1
/> 50% discount for 3 month package: SUMMER3
/> 50% discount for 6 month package: SUMMER6

Redeem your 50% discount NOW >>

Hurry: Our discount codes* expire on 24 July 2014!

*Your discount code is valid until 24.07.2014, redeemable only once and cannot be combined with other promotions. No cash redemption possible.

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Did you know that the most successful Au Pairs are those who regularly contact different host families?

Why? Because the more families you contact, the more offers you’ll receive and the greater your choice of attractive travel destinations will be! Wouldn’t you like to travel to your dream country to join a lovely host family?

The world awaits you – what would you like to experience?

  • Swimming with dolphins and seeing kangaroos? 

Contact host families in Australia >>

  • Trying a traditional German dish with your host child? 

Send a message to German families >>

  • Watching a rugby game and tasting Fish ‘n’ Chips?

Find a host family in the UK >>

Don´t forget: Whatever your dream destination may be, start contacting host families today to begin your great au pair adventure.

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Aupairnet24 Sale

Aupairnet24 has more than 2000 fans on Facebook! If you are one of them, congratulations! Today we have prepared a surprise for our fans: up to 50% off on premium services at Aupairnet24! Redeem one of the discount codes* till 11.05.2014 and secure your discount today:

Surprise for host families:

discount code for 1 month package: MAIFAM20141

discount code for 3 months package: MAIFAM20143

discount code for 6 months package: MAIFAM20146

You are welcome to redeem your dicount here

Surprise for Au Pairs:

discount code for 1 month package : MAIAP20141

You are welcome to redeem your dicount here

* Your discount code is valid until 11.05.2014, redeemable only once and cannot be combined with other promotions. No cash redemption possible.

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If you want to become an Au Pair, then this is DEFINITELY for you!  This week Aupairnet24 grants a free Top Au Pair status to one of our Au Pairs, registered at Aupairnet24.

What is Top Au Pair?

  • Your profile will appear at the top of search results!
  • You profile will be optically highlighted!
  • You can view & contact the visitors of your profile

Take the Au Pair Challenge, complete these easy steps and win!

If you complete these quick steps, you will automatically participate in the Au Pair Challenge at Aupairnet24.  So don´t miss your chance to win the Au Pair Challenge and become Top Au Pair for one month!

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Aupairnet24 Sale

Attention! Because you asked for it! Due to the high demand, the spring sale is back! Get advantage of this great offer and discover your discount till 06.04.2014!

Steps to follow:

       1. Register here

       2. Choose one of the following discount codes*:

– discount code for 1 month package: 1SPRING2014

– discount code for 3 month package: 3SPRING2014

– discount code for 6 month package: 6SPRING2014

     3. Enter the discount code here and enjoy!

* The discount codes are valid until 06.04.2014, redeemable only once and cannot be combined with other promotions. No cash redemption possible.

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