How Au Pairs & Nannies can Improve their English Skills for Working in an English-Speaking Country

Working in a new country can be scary and intimidating, even for a very fluent English speaker.  There are so many language nuances related to working with children that most non-native English speakers won’t be familiar with at first.  I will discuss a few examples of these, such as discipline, praise, and consoling.

First of all, there are particular types of language and expressions that can be used to discipline children in a positive way.  Research suggests that using positive language to discipline young children can be more effective in the long term than negative language. This is easier said than done, however.  As a non-native speaker, you must learn and practice these expressions before they come naturally.

There is also the language for praising a child who has done something well.  We know that there are ways to nurture a child’s self-esteem by praising his efforts, and teaching him to look for his rewards intrinsically.  This means avoiding expressions like, “good boy!” which praise the child rather than the effort.  This kind of language must be learned.  Even for a native speaker, this can be difficult.

Another language difficulty for nannies and au pairs can come when consoling an upset child.  We need to be able to identify the child’s feelings in order to help her understand them.  This means knowing the language ourselves.  We also need to find ways to redirect a child’s attention to something more positive.

These situations are just a few examples of the ways in which nannies and au pairs need particular language to help them with the job.  Understanding how to speak to young children effectively, and learning some of these expressions, can help prepare au pairs and nannies for the job.  This will improve their confidence and make for happier children, and ultimately a happier experience.

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