Aupairnet24 Sale

Aupairnet24 has more than 2000 fans on Facebook! If you are one of them, congratulations! Today we have prepared a surprise for our fans: up to 50% off on premium services at Aupairnet24! Redeem one of the discount codes* till 11.05.2014 and secure your discount today:

Surprise for host families:

discount code for 1 month package: MAIFAM20141

discount code for 3 months package: MAIFAM20143

discount code for 6 months package: MAIFAM20146

You are welcome to redeem your dicount here

Surprise for Au Pairs:

discount code for 1 month package : MAIAP20141

You are welcome to redeem your dicount here

* Your discount code is valid until 11.05.2014, redeemable only once and cannot be combined with other promotions. No cash redemption possible.

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