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20. December 2013 | Posted In: Allgemein

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just about to come! It’s time to buy and decorate a Christmas tree and send postcards to your friends and family. Millions of families all around the world celebrate Christmas in their own unique way. Each country celebrates with its own traditions and rituals. Aupairnet24 would like to tell you about different ways that Christmas is celebrated in countries across the globe.


Christmas in Australia is in the middle of the summer holidays and December is one of the hottest months. Australians surround themselves with Christmas Bush, a native Australian tree with small green leaves and cream colored flowers. The most popular event is on Christmas Eve and is called Carols by Candlelight. Thousands of people and famous singers get together outdoors in Melbourne to sing their favorite Christmas songs.


In Canada they traditionally send for Christmas the biggest and best fir tree to Boston as a sign of the assistance given during the Halifax Explosion. At Christmas Canadians eat sweets called Barley Candy and Chicken Bones! Barley Candy is usually on a stick and it is shaped with Christmas symbols and Chicken Bones, which are pink sweets that taste like cinnamon.


In France people usually burn Cherry Wood Yule Logs in fireplaces at Christmas. On Christmas Eve the log is carried into the home and is sprinkled with red wine to make it smell very nice when it is burning.  According to French Christmas tradition a part of a loaf called Le Pain Calendal should be shared with a poor person. French children get to open their gifts on Christmas day, but the parents and other adults have to wait until New Years.


Advent calendars with chocolate inside are traditionally used in Germany to count the days until Christmas Eve. Starting from the 1st of December they open one window of an advent calendar every day. Every Sunday in December German families light a candle on the Christmas wreath. The main Christmas meals in Germany are Carp or Goose. Also “Stollen” (fruited yeast bread) is very popular at Christmas.
  In Spain December 28th is ‘Día de los santos inocentes’ or ‘Day of the Innocent Saints’ and people try to trick each other into believing silly stories and jokes. The New Year’s Eve special tradition is to eat 12 grapes with the 12 strokes of the clock at Midnight. If you eat the twelve grapes, you are said to have luck for the New Year.
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Aupairnet24 wishes you a Merry Christmas!

6. December 2013 | Posted In: Allgemein