Being an Au Pair can turn out to be an extremely rewarding experience. You can gain the possibility to live in another country, gain new life experience, discover a new culture and learn a new language without spending a lot of money.  Would you like to be an Au pair? No Problem! First of all you need to find a host family. Here are some tips, which can help you at looking for your host family:

  1.  Register and complete your profile – Detailed! When you register at Aupairnet24 you will have the possibility to create your Au pair profile for free. If you really want to find a host family you should take the time to complete all sections of your profile properly. Complete your profile as much as possible with information about yourself, your family, your hobbies, as well as your availability, language skills and experience. Introduce yourself and tell about your motivations to be an Au pair. The more information you supply, the higher will be your placement in the search results and the more requests you will receive from host families! Click here to register as an Au pair now.
  2. Upload your photos! Families will pay more attention to Au pair profiles with photos. A recent, authentic and trustworthy photo of you enables host families to form better impressions of who you are, build trust and increase your chances to be contacted by a host family. Our tip for you: upload also a photo of you with a child to demonstrate host families that you are child-orientated. If you already have a profile at Aupairnet24, you can upload your photos here.
  3. Upload certificates and references! Certificates, diploma or references and other relevant documents can also make a significant contribution to trust building. This information will allow host families to get a better idea of who you are and will then easily be able to decide if you could be a suitable match for their family. Any references in the field of childcare are especially relevant for many host families.  But do not forget to inform the relevant people whom you have used as references. Unexpected demands can usually give a negative impression. Click here to upload new documents to your Au pair Profile at Aupairnet24.
  4. Check out the profiles of host families from your destination country and contact your favorites!  Nothing seek, nothing find! Sometimes it is not enough just to create an Au pair profile. You will significally increase you chances to find a host family if you search for the host family by yourself. Just enter your destination country in the quick search and look through the host families’ profiles and write a message to your favorites. It is free!
  5. Become a Top Au pair! If you want your profile being optically highlightened and being shown at the top of search results, become a Top Au Pair at Aupairnet24 and you will basically gain a greater chance of finding a Host Family.

We wish you great success in finding your Au pair job!


She has found her host family:

Au Pair from ParisI set up a profile, uploaded some photos and language certificates and contacted a few families from Portugal. I managed to be accepted by my favorite family and now I can´t wait for spending my 9 months in Lisbon as an Au pair!”

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