Our today’s post is dedicated to Au Pair host families. We want to give you some tips thatyou should always keep in mind whencontacting an Au Pair in order to be sure thatthey are who they say they are.

While we take greatcare in making sure thatall our users are trustworthy by conducting daily user profile checks, weeding out the dodgy Au Pairs, it’s important to know that, there is on the internet unfortunately, people who may try to scam you. But if you follow our simply advices, you will stayatthe safe side looking for a  suitable International Nanny for your family.

1. Get to know your future Au Pair

It’s very important getting to know your future Au Pair as well as you possibly can before taking any decisions. Makecontactvia video-conference (for example:Skype) and have telephonecalls. You will be able to see and hear your possible future Au Pair and she (or he) will also be able to have a firstcontactwith the kids.

2. Never transfer money

Au Pairs shouldn’t ask their future host families to transfer money to them. We advise you not to send any money to an Au Pair (especially not via Money Gram or Western Union). Usually, they Au Pairs pay for their Visa and flight tickets, but, if there is an agreement to share the costs between family and Au Pair, they payment should settled later on in person but NEVER in advance.

3. Never set up a bank account for an unknown person.

4. Be careful with contacts via social media

Au Pairs may also contactyou via social media networks saying thatthey found your contactdetails in Aupairnet24.com. In many cases this may be false. We advise you to be cautious andcontact us so we can study the case.

Help us to detect scammers!

If you have any doubts about any of the Au Pairs on Aupairnet24 or you have received any suspicious e-mails please let us know by writing to us atinfo@aupairnet24.com  and we will check them out right away.

31. July 2013 | Posted In: Host Families, Safety

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