One thinks of an Au Pair stay as exciting, one of a kind and a pleasant experience. Everyone has high expectations and wishes for the perfect family who will welcome them as a family member with open arms.

Of course, the reality is not always the case. Very often problems arise due to bad or insufficient communication. It is usually possible for the au pair and the family to resolve their conflicts and put the pieces back together. However, it can also be difficult to come to a solution that you both agree on.

We have put together some tips that should help you and your host family come to an agreement that you will both be able to live with.

31. October 2011 | Posted In: Allgemein

Discovering the world and foreign cultures is one of the biggest adventures that life has to offer and is also lots of fun. New countries, climates, languages, customs, and impressions are unforgettable experiences. When you travel the world as an Au Pair you are presented with the chance to properly get to know another culture.

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